The Divine Code

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If you always wanted to know what God expects from you, so here it is!
For more then 3300 years the knowledge of how to actualize the Divine
Image within a person
 was revealed only to the Jewish People. It is now accessible to you too.



The Divine Code – Book of the Seven Universal Noahide Laws includes:

  • Part I. Fundamentals of Faith (9 chapters)
  • Part II. The Unity of God – (12 chapters)
  • Part III. Honoring God – (4 chapters)
  • Part IV. Respecting Nature – (9 chapters)
  • Part V. Respect for Life – (9 chapters)
  • Part VI. Respect for Family and Social Relations – (7 chapters)
  • Part VII-A. Respect for commercial transactions – (12 chapters)

The Divine Code is the Code, a destination of convergent histories.
This book contains the laws and their explanations given by G-d to Moses in
the Torah at Mount Sinai (2448 of Creation /1312 B.C.E.) to be transmitted to all mankind.

There are the two intersecting vectors of the image of God within creation, and they
are forever joined at a single point of unity, which is the simultaneously transcendent and
indwelling Unity of God. This point of unity is not easily seen or felt, and that has been the
case throughout most of the tumultuous history of the world.

However, at one place, at one time, this point of unity was revealed, openly and miraculously,
by our Creator Himself. He chose this in His wisdom, so that all of His children, the human race,
could know and believe, remember and take it to heart, until the arrival of the Messianic Era.

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