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Learn with the best. Get Access to the Original Divine Guideline for Life. Fulfill your unique God-given potential and give wings to a new experience.

5778 Years of Existence 

Partner with the Jewish People in fulfilling God’s Plan for humankind. Become an active “Redemption builder.” Bring your reality into perfection.

7.4 Billion Human Beings

Every human being was created in the image of God. Every face of every person reveals that image, in Oneness and Uniqueness.


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Rabbi Moshe Perets


I invite you to enter the New Era. An era when: "there will be neither famine or war, envy or competition; for good will flow in abundance and all the delights will be freely available as dust..."
(Rambam, Laws of Kings 12:5)

Rabbi Moshe Weiner

As we the Jewish People, were entrusted by God with the mission to bring humanity to perfection, I decided that it was time to give anyone who sincerely wants to, the knowledge of the Divine Plan for Redemption.


I found these courses to be really enjoyable! A truly spiritual uplifting  journey. Personally, I was delighted by the feeling of my mind and soul’s expansion within the Infinite Light of God!

Felisa Todorov

Through Rabbi Weiner’s lectures I actually understood what God expects from me. It became so crystal clear! A real gem of beauty. I truly appreciate the personal interaction and guidance!

Dario MacDonald

These courses are absolutely fascinating! I just love learning more and more. A real Divine Revelation! I really recommend to anyone who is looking to find real answers!

Anne Laseur