Our Mission

Is to try as well as we can to teach and guide every person who is not Jewish through the study and application of the Noahide Code in his life. We try to combine the Torah values, academic knowledge and life experience to present the concepts in the most comprehensible way. Our online learning system and local Rabbinical partners allow us to provide the knowledge so sincere people may apply the Torah values in their own lives, their families and possible communities.

Our Specialty

  • Experts on the Universal Code of Torah Law for Humanity.
  • More then 4500 Rabbis available.
  • Present in more then 8o countries.
  • Hundreds of online students.
  • Dozens of Study Groups and Communities world-wide.

Contact Us

8 Yaavetz Street, 9670408

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The Team

Rabbi Moshe Weiner

Rabbinical Director

Rabbi Moshe Perets

Executive Director

Dr. Rabbi Shimon Cowen


Rabbi Ytzchok Dubovick