Trump proclaims ‘Education and Sharing Day’ in honor of Lubavitcher Rebbe

President Trump on Tuesday proclaimed it “Education and Sharing Day U.S.A” to honor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson and promote intellectual pursuits.
“On Education and Sharing Day, we acknowledge the power that a solid academic foundation, combined with the transformative power of time-honored values and ethics, can have in helping young people achieve lives of purpose and passion,” said the declaration signed by Mr. Trump.

It marked March 27 as “Education and Sharing Day U.S.A.”

Presidents have been proclaiming the day every year since 1978 on the birthday of Rabbi Schneerson, known as Lubavitcher Rebbe, an American Orthodox Jewish rabbi who is considered the most influential Jewish leader of the 20th century.

“Throughout his long and distinguished life, Rabbi Schneerson inspired millions of people, across multiple generations, through his example of compassion, wisdom, and courage in the face of oppression,” wrote Mr. Trump.

By S.A. Miller – The Washington Times – Tuesday, March 27, 2018