Seven Gates of Knowledge

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With this book you will discover how to achieve spiritual growth and inner peace.

  • Perfection and Elevation of Mankind (Tikkun Ha’Adam)
  • Perfection and Elevation of the World (Tikkun Ha’Olam)
  • Recognition of God’s Existence and His Essential Unity;
  • Drawing Closer to God on a Personal Level;
  • The Unity of God and His Powers;
  • Divine Providence and Trust in God;
  • Bringing Recognition of God into One’s Heart and Actions.


You will understand the

  • Gate of Prophecy from God including The Concept of Free Choice;
  • The Essence of the Service of G-d [ Action, Intention and Happiness in Serving God ];
  • The Service of Prayer;
  • The Gate of Personal Traits Desired by God;
  • Healing the Soul from Unhealthy Traits;
  • The Gate of Being Tested by God: Why does G-d Tests People;
  •  A Trouble or Tribulation that Comes Upon Society or an Individual;
  • The Future World to Come and Who Will Merit that Reward;
  • The Obstruction of Free Choice as a Punishment from G-d;
  • A Person’s Reward in the Future World to Come;
  • The Messianic Era and the Resurrection of the Dead.

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